Monday, April 16, 2007


開催される10th Anniversary of Joint Conference on Information Sciences に本日投稿しました。締切が4月18日でしたが、ぎりぎり間に合いました。

Title:Creating new scenarios for product design with hunma-interactive process of conceptual synthesis
Abstract:In product design, conceptual synthesis such as combining, blending or integrating two different concepts, is an efficient means of developing creative insights into new inventions, and experiments are carried out to create mental products by imagery synthesis as a view point of mental cognition. Data crystallization and human-interactive annealing are newly developed to reveal the hidden structure among events including unobservable ones in chance discovery because it is recognized that hidden structure plays an important role in the dynamics of visible events. In this study, we apply data crystallization and human-interactive annealing for technology patents and propose the human-interactive process of conceptual synthesis to create new scenarios for products design


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