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Organized Workshop"Cubes for Innovation: Information Systems for Design and Marketing"
Co-sponsored by University of Tsukuba and IEEE SMC Japan Section
DATE: 3 March (Saturday), 2007
VENUE: Lecture Hall 212, Engineering Building 2,The University of Tokyo
Sponsors:IEEE SMC Society, Japan SectionTechnical Committee on Information Technologies forDesign and Marketing, IEEE SMC SocietySchool of Business Sciences, The University of Tsukuba,
Scope: Three cubic building blocks of systems innovation in businessare discussed. I-cube is focused on the cognitive aspect of systematic thinking for innovations. D-cube is focused on data-based decisionsapplied to realize creative marketing and designs. Data visualizationtechniques are presented as a promising bridge to connect D-cube andI-cube. C-cube is focused on the communications in a creative humangroup. We present each speaker's study and exchange informal ideas about the three cubes, in order to develop a systematic process to innovation by combining I, D, and C cubes.

10:00 INTRODUCTION AND WORKSHOP SCOPETri-Cube Building Blocks for Systems InnnovationYukio Ohsawa, The University of Tokyo
Session 1) 10:30-12:30 I-CUBE : INSIGHT, INVENTION, and INNOVATIONInnovation and Systems ThinkingMatjaz Mulej, University of Maribor, SloveniaChance Discovery for Cognitions in Systems DesignYukio Ohsawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Session 2) 13:30-15:30 D-CUBE: DISCOVERY, DECISION, and DESIGNData Crystallization and Applications to Design and ArtYoshiharu Maeno, University of Tsukuba, TokyoFrom Visualization on the Sphere to Opinion Mining and AnticipatoryEvent DetectionChang Kuiyu, Nanyang Technological University, Signapore
Session 3) 15:40 - 18:40 C-CUBE: COMMUNITY, CONSENSUS, and CREATIVITY Metasynthesis Toward Complex Problem SolvingXijin Tang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ChinaConsensus Supports in Decision Making GroupYasuyuki Sumi, Kyoto University, JapanInformation Technologies for Supporting Human Innovation andCreativity: The Evolutionary PathXavier Llora, University of Illinois, USA


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