Monday, April 16, 2007


2007 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics

Title:Extracting New Scenarios for Products Design with Processes for Generating and Synthesizing Concepts

Abstract:In product design, it has been founded that conceptual synthesis process, such as combining, blending or integrating two different concepts. Conceptual synthesis is an efficient means of developing creative insights into new inventions, and experiments are carried out to create mental products by imagery synthesis as a view point of mental cognition. In chance discovery, data crystallization and human-interactive annealing are newly developed to aim at presenting the hidden structure among events including unobservable ones. This is realized with a tool which inserts dummy items, corresponding to unobservable events, to the given data on past events. The existence of these unobservable events and their relations with other events are visualized by applying KeyGraph iteratively to the data donated with dummy items, gradually increasing the number of edges in the graph, like the crystallization of snow with gradual decrease in the air temperature. For tuning the granularity level of structure to be visualized, this tool is integrated with human’s process of chance discovery. In this study, we apply data crystallization and human-interactive annealing for technology patents and propose the process for exploring concepts and guiding to synthesize them to create new scenarios for products design.


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