Sunday, July 30, 2006


検査・マーキング関連特許106件、請求項742項のテキストデータにHuman-Interactive Annealing手法を用います。
しかし、予備実験の結果を参考に、特許番号、発願年と発願者名を請求項にタグとして入れて、Event Map上に出現するクラスターの技術解釈をPictgramで行うだけでなく、技術の経年変化、特定技術に注力している会社名を分析することにより、謎ノードが連結するクラスターの技術を融合させて新たな特許技術の仮説の創発を誘発します。


Title:Designing Patent Map for new scenarios by Human-Interactive Annealing with Pictogram
Author:Kenichi Horie, Yoshiharu Maeno, and Yukio Ohsawa
Abstract: Latent structure behind observation often plays an important role in the dynamics of visible events. Such latent structure is composed of invisible events named dark event. Human-interactive annealing is developed to visualize and understand dark events. This paper presents application of the human-interactive annealing with Pictogram for designing Patent Map to analyze classification of specific technology, core applicant for specific technology, and to create hypothetical scenarios for new patent technology. Pictogram aided not only to reinterpret the event map more precisely and deeply but also to create hypothetical scenarios for new patent technology.

Index Terms—Human-Interactive Annealing, KeyGraph, Pictogram, Chance Discovery, Patent Map


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