Saturday, July 29, 2006

2006 IEEE Data Mining for Design and Marketingに投稿しました

2006 IEEE Data Mining for Design and Marketingが12月に香港で開催されます。
本日、Human-Interactive AnnealingにPictogramを加えた手法で実験を行い、特許技術関する新たなシナリを創発を行う事が出来ました。その結果について論文を投稿しました。

Designing New Product Scenarios for Patent by Human-Interactive Annealing with Pictogram

Abstract— Latent structure behind observation often plays an important role in the dynamics of visible events. Such latent structure is composed of invisible events named dark event. Human-interactive annealing is developed to visualize and understand dark events. This paper presents application of the human-interactive annealing with Pictogram for designing new product scenarios for patent from latent technology structure behind current patented technology. Pictogram aided examinees not only to reinterpret the event map more precisely and deeply but also to create six new scenarios for paten. Two of them are novel scenarios and worthy of consideration for new patent application.


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