Monday, March 13, 2006

KES2006 Abstract

Title:Emerging Novel Scenarios of New Product Design with Teamwork on Scenario Maps using
Pictorial KeyGraph
Author:Kenichi Horie, Yukio Ohsawa
Department of Quantum Engineering and Systems Science,
Graduate School of Engineering The University of Tokyo
Abstract. We developed a method of teamwork for products design in real manufacturing
company, where Scenario Maps using Pictorial KeyGraph assist creating novel
scenarios of new product design. In Pictorial KeyGraph, photographs of physical
objects corresponding to incomprehensible items in given data are embedded to the
visual result of KeyGraph applied to their business report. In their communications
with Pictorial KeyGraph, novel and practical scenarios of new products design were
extracted, and 5 new patents have been applied. We found evidences that the team
members tend to combine established concepts via rare words in creative designing.


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