Wednesday, November 29, 2006


タイトルは、”Data crystallization applied for designing new products”です。
”It is only the observable part of the real world that can be stored in data. For such incomplete and ill-structured data, data crystallizing aims at presenting the hidden structure among events including unobservable events. This is realized by data crystallization, where dummy items, corresponding to potential existence of unobservable events, are inserted to the given data. These dummy items and their relations with observable events are visualized by applying KeyGraph to the data with dummy items, like the crystallization of snow where dusts are involved in the formation of crystallization of water molecules. For tuning the granularity level of structure to be visualized, the tool of data crystallization is integrated with human’s process of understanding significant scenarios in the real world. This basic method is expected to be applicable for various real world domains where previous methods of chance-discovery lead human to successful decision making. In this paper, we apply the data crystallization with human-interactive annealing (DCHA) to the design of products in a real company. The results show its effect to industrial decision making. ”


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