Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Emerging High Quality Scenarios in Manufacturing Organization with Chance Discovery Method

We adopted the “Chance Discovery Double Helix Loop Process” with KeyGraph for our business application. It is, however, neither easy for examinees to interpret the context of KeyGraph nor to create new proposals. We created “Scenario Map” which adhere photograph of unidentified defects to near by name of Red nodes on KeyGraph and facilitated them to understand the context of “Scenario Map” through group discussion. 11 new practical scenarios were extracted and 5 new patents can be applied from one of these new scenarios as business achievement.
In this study, it is observed that Red nodes, which is rare events named as bridge among clusters of black nodes and links named as islands in “Scenario Map”, were adopted to emerge these new scenarios. We concluded that the Red nodes are performed to integrate fragmented knowledge, interest, know how, etc. in examinees` mind and externalize them into a linguistic form.


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